Saturday, September 27, 2008

Trent From Punchy Is a Fake! He IS Actor Nick Boshier!

I didn’t want to believe it but it’s true. I think Trent from Punchy is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while on YouTube. But…

He’s a fake.

How do I know? I checked it out.

Some people were saying he was actor Nick Boshier, so I searched his name on YouTube.

This video came up.

If you look carefully you can see a couple of times he makes a face like Trent from Punchy but I had to be sure so I did a screen capture.

One of the things that are difinitive on someone face are the lines or wrinkles that people form over time so check out the distinctive lines of Nick Boshiers forehead and compare to Trents.


Here’s 2 picture’s of each person pulling the same face.

I then checked out the other videos by the same person who made this one

At the end of one of the videos there were the credits which show Nick Boshier as the actor and Jarod Green as the director.

You can see the credit screen shot here

So then I checked if any domains had been registered for “trentfrompunchy” and there are 2… and

If you load you can see that the info on it is being loaded from that means they are owned by the same person.

They both also are promoting the CafePress merchandise that the original YouTube video promotes.

All this means that these domains are owned and run by the same people who did the original Trent From Punchy video.

So who owns the domains and…
I did a Whois search and found out, see below…

As you can see clearly it is owned by “Jarod Green” the same guy I showed above that directed the movie with “Nick Boshier”.

Conclusion… Nick Boshier IS Trent From Punchy

Trent from Punchy IS Nick Boshier… an ACTOR.

I hope this stop all the debate.

Yes, I’m P.O.ed too.

Yes, I did have too much time on my hands this Saturday arvo but this all only took 1 and a half hours to do.

If you’re angry too you can see the whois info above if you want to email Jarod Green, post him a letter, or even give him a phone call.